Semblance Hypothesis

  (towards a theory since 2017)

Further verification


It is necessary to subject the derived mechanism to the following studies.



A. Examining whether comparable circuit features are present in remote species of animals. It is reasonable to think that species of animals that exhibits actions suggestive of some intentionality are expected to generate internal sensations. Therefore, they are expected to have certain common circuit features within their synaptically connected nervous systems.





B. Examining how the mechanism of generation of internal sensations started evolving in multi-cellular organims. It is anticipted that it should be a simple mechanism that occurred as the result of some accidents



C. Triangulating observations whenever a single therapeutic agent is effective in unrelated neurological and psychiatric disorders to discover the shared pathological change in these disorders 



D. Searching for unique features of human nervous system that can explain its unique abilities


E. Replicating the mechanism in engineered systems